The question of 'Can Electronic Cigarettes Really Help You Quit Smoking?’ has become a hot subject discussed everywhere. People who have become aware of the dangers of smoking have been looking for a method or product that will help them quit. Various manufactures have developed products including nicotine patches, gums, while others have come up with quitting programs and books to help smokers.

A recent product to hit the market is E Cigarettes. The design and 'feel’ of this new product is made to resemble a real cigarette. The main difference is the fact that the E Cigarette does not contain tobacco. What it has is a liquid form of nicotine that is converted to smoke, which the smoker inhales. The E Cig also does not contain the various harmful chemicals that tobacco cigarettes have.

The Inner Workings Of The E Cigarette

quittingsmokingThe liquid nicotine in E Cigarettes is located in the cartridges. There is a small battery and the atomizer, which converts the liquid nicotine into gas form. When the user inhales, the battery powers the atomizer, smoke is produced, and the smoker gets their fix of nicotine.

There is even an LED light at the very tip of the E Cigarette. This light glows when a smoker drags a puff on the E Cig. The orange glow light of the LED is made to simulate and give the smoker the illusion of puffing on a real cigarette.
The cartridges have different levels of nicotine concentration. There is usually strong, medium, and small.

The main reason why manufactures of the E Cigarette do this is to help those who desire to quit smoking. How? Well, as one uses the E Cigarette they can gradually reduce the concentration of nicotine. This will lead to a reduction of nicotine addiction. Once your addiction has been reduced (or eliminated), you will not have the cravings to smoke.

E Cigarettes give smokers a fast fix of nicotine rush compared to other products like nicotine gums and patches. They give smokers that nicotine rush in a matter of seconds. Also, the E Cigarettes have a psychological effect that makes them very poplar substitutes for the real cigarettes.

One rationale smokers cite to explain why they find it hard to quit smoking is that they like the action of placing a cigarette in their mouth, inhaling, and blowing out smoke. The E Cigarette scores big points in this area since it completely simulates this action of inhaling and blowing smoke.

Some studies have theorized that a single E Cig cartridge is the equivalent of perhaps hundreds of tobacco cigarettes. In other words, smokers can get their nicotine high without having to puff through several packets of smokes when they use the E Cigarette. This not only has health benefits but also is advantageous from a financial standpoint.

On the question of 'Can Electronic Cigarettes Really Help You Quit Smoking?’ the answer is simply yes! E Cigarettes can eliminate your dependence on tobacco cigarettes. They can be used practically anywhere since the vapor they produce is artificial and lacks the harmful chemicals found in tobacco cigarette smoke. They look like the real thing, glow like the real thing, have nicotine like the real thing – but, they are healthier than the real thing and can help you quit the real thing (quit smoking)!

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