Welcome to www.ecigarette-starterkit.com. Your use of this website or any of our e-cigarette products is governed and controlled by the following terms and conditions. If you decide to use our website or make an order through it, you agree to comply with our terms and conditions as illustrated herein.

To start with, the term "us" refers to the owners of this website: "www.ecigarette-starterkit.com", while "you" is used to refer to any visitor of the website. 


Every content in this site, such as logos, images, photos, graphics, video clips or button icons is protected by the international copyright laws and regulations. As a result, you're not allowed to reproduce or copy any information from our website with a prior written permission from us. In addition to that, you're warned against publishing, copying, posting, transmitting, distributing or modifying of materials from our "www.ecigarette-starterkit.com" website in any manner that may seem to be against our copyright laws.

Product use and safety

Our team will always attempt to provide you with accurate information regarding our product description. But in case of slight inaccuracies or variable interpretations, we're not to be held responsible for the all the incurred liabilities and damages. It's therefore upon you to decide whether the information in the site is right for you as well as your needs. We don't offer warranties, whether implied or expressed. For this reason, you are not allowed to make a claim concerning the reliability and accuracy of the information we provide.

Age restriction

In order to access this website, you must be 18 years old or older. Consequently, we deserve every right to terminate a transaction once we discover that our client is below the age of 18. Furthermore, we also reserve the right to ask for a valid identification form once we discover that our client gave us a wrong age. For instance, we may request for your valid passport or drivers license if we suspect that we're transacting with an underage. 

Third party websites

www.ecigarette-starterkit.com contains several links that open different third party websites. All these websites are governed and controlled by their own terms of use, as well as their own privacy policies. We therefore accept no responsibility for the activities of such sites. Similarly, third party links in our website does not in any way imply an endorsement or our approval of their products and services. 

Compliance with the applicable laws

Your use of our website, as well as all our products, is governed by a number of applicable laws: federal, local and state laws. On similar grounds, all the information provided in this website is also subject to the export control laws of all the countries our clients reside.

Fraud and breach

At our own discretion, we reserve the right to take a legal action against any person suspected of impersonation, credit card fraud or any other deceptive act that's considered by the law as fraud or a breach of an agreement. 

Privacy policy

To review our business practices or the guidelines for undertaking a business with us, you should also review our privacy policies. 

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