An electronic cigarette consists of a cartomizer which comprises the cartridge and atomizer. The cartomizer is made of a plastic or metallic casing that houses a double coiled atomizer wrapped in polyfill that is used for absorbing the electronic liquid. Contrary to traditional cartridges, cartomizers hold a considerable amount of liquid and this depends on the size. Initially, they were designed to be thrown away immediately after depletion of liquid. However, this has changed as vapers discovered they could be refilled again. They vaping experience does not change after refilling the cartomizer and this also helps to save on money. All cartomizers use the same refilling method. It is crucial to unscrew the cartomizer before refilling it as this might be messy. Refilling an already prefilled cartridge requires you to use the same e-liquid or clean the cartomizers to avoid a mix-up of two liquids resulting to bad flavors. Here is how to refill an electronic cigarette.

The dripping method

This is the most common and easiest way to refill a cartomizer. Use a sharp tool capable of fitting into the tiny hole or thumbtack to remove the cap. It is easier to remove caps from blank cartomizers like Smoketek or Boge. Some manufacturers of e- cigs prefer gluing the caps onto the cartomizers in order to discourage vapers from refilling hence the need to use a lot of energy to remove them. Applying a lot of force could cause breakage of the cap. One could opt to use another cap from an old cartomizer. Some electronic cigarettes have a tiny ring on top of the filler material on the cartomizer that one has to take off before refilling. One drips the liquid after noticing the filler material surrounding the whole center of the cartomizer clearly. Before refilling check out for any signs of burning on the wick as this causes a bad flavor no matter how fresh the liquid is. When refilling hold the cartomizer at a certain angle and drip the liquid. Drip around the cartridge rather than the center of it. Spread the e-liquid until saturated. A standard cartomizer holds about 1.1 ml of liquid. Wait for some time before using the cartomizer.

The Push Method

It is also referred to as the push method. This is the best way to refill for vapers who find it hard to remove rubber or plastic caps. It is an easy procedure but works only with automatic or push button batteries as one is guaranteed to experience leakages as there is no way of knowing the rate of absorption of the liquid by the filling material. Manual batteries do not absorb the excess liquid which could cause damage to the circuit. During refilling, you will need rubber covers found at the end of the cartomizer. Particularly, one with the middle seal. Fill the cover with about 10 drops of e-liquid and insert the battery end of the cartomizer onto the cover downwards. The juice is forced to the cartridge hence absorption by the material through the middle wick. After some time, pull the cartomizer and wipe off excess e-liquid. Repeat the procedure until there is no more absorption of the liquid. This method causes wastage of liquid, is messier and takes time.

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