E-cigarette is the new age innovation that has gained importance among those sections of smokers who prefer style but there is more to it than just style. So, what is an electronic cigarette?

E cig is the new age electronic inhaling device that resembles a traditional cigarette. It comprises of three units, mouthpiece or cartridge, atomizer with a battery. The atomizer contains the liquid and the heating unit which heats the liquid and produces vapors that are inhaled by the smokers. The battery in your e cig can be charged with a charger and you can replace or refill the cartridges after consumption. The liquid, along with water contains artificial flavoring, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine. You can choose from a variety of flavours like coffee, menthol, vanilla and tobacco, with an option of a nicotine free flavour as well. 

It is at this point that an e cig scores a point over traditional cigarettes. The liquid in e cig provides customization of nicotine concentration. The nicotine used is pharmaceutical grade with a concentration of your choice. What actually matters here is that you can smoke an e cig as long and as short, as you want. This comes really handy in satisfying your craving as a few puffs a day can also provide satisfaction, ultimately reducing the number of cigarettes you smoked earlier. 

Traditional cigarettes are known to cause harmful effects on circulatory system, heart and cancer with their toxic smoke but e cig, even with the same quantity of nicotine does not produce this toxic smoke. With no smoke escaping into the environment, the harmful effects by passive smoking are also not a factor. Moreover, the toxic levels in e cig are almost similar to the ones that youfind in patch or other nicotine replacements so it can be considered as a nicotine replacement therapy or smoking cessation aid and thus, a substitute for tobacco. The customization factor of nicotine provides you with an option of lowering your nicotine intake which could ultimately be brought down to zero level. 

An e cig is a much better form of smoking than a traditional cigarette in absolutely every aspect. E cig health benefits outweigh the other negative factors associated with traditional smoking. They have emerged as an effective alternative for people who want to modify their nicotine intake. In absence of any long term studies, the product however lacks clinical backing regarding effects on the smoker’s health due to long term intake of nicotine but with tobacco smoking, being a major cause of preventable deaths worldwide, e cig can effectively help smokers kick addiction.

E cig burden your wallet much less in comparison to the traditional cigarettes, as you have to refill rather than buy the whole pack so you spend less bucks on the habit. E cigs are being available in retail stores, mall booths and online . When you opt for an online shopping, you get the advantage of studying the various features and the reviews before making a final decision. Also on offer are many coupons and discounts that ultimately lower the total expense.

So, what is an electronic cigarette? It is your guide to ahealthier way of smoking which is stylish but more importantly, an effective alternative to traditional harmful smoking. So, it’s your take to ride on the tide and go for puffs that can help you kick the habit altogether without much burden on your wallet and health!

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