Honesty and integrity are imperative to us, so it is important that we are honest and upfront about any affiliate programs.

We may list or sell some products on offer by third parties, which include but are not limited to books. If you buy those affiliate products and services as a result of clicking on the affiliate link, we earn a small commission.

Some crucial notes about that:

  • We only list products or services that we’d personally use and genuinely recommend ourselves, and which we think are suitable for our membership or extended community.
  • Any of affiliate product reviews always reflect my honest and unbiased thoughts and opinions.
  • In case you do purchased something via an affiliate link, you won’t have your identity shared with us and your shopping habits will remain anonymous and private.
  • The affiliate links simply register that you came through our website and if you purchase that product, we earn a small commission.

If you’ve any queries or concerns about the affiliate program, do please get in touch with us.

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