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When searching for the best E Cigarette Starter kits available on the market today, determining the superior products from the inferior ones can be a challenge. Not all brands deliver the same quality, so choosing the right item is important. Yet, how can you decide which brand has the features you need? To help you make an informed decision, let’s cover what precisely E Cigarette Starter kits are, your available options and the types of prices you can expect to pay in more detail below. This will give you a leg up, and allow you to select the perfect starter kit for your needs.

What Are They – The E Cigarette Starter Kits?

Before going any further, you need to know a few basics about what E Cigarette Starter kits are and what they typically include. Designed to be everything that you need to get started smoking Electronic Cigarettes, these packages usually have the basic components within them. What does this entail?

ecigstarterkitsYou’ll have a charger, at least one battery and some flavor cartridges included. Depending upon the particular brand and the level (basic, standard or premium) of starter kit that you choose, you may have additional options added as well. These could range from several different flavors for you to enjoy, mobile chargers or even a pack to hold your E Cigarettes in. Some companies even offer unrelated features to entice new customers, such as Blu rolling out its social smoking promotion.

However, if you’re like most people, you are far more interested in the quality of the vapor and flavor that you’ll receive and the cost of the kit instead. The price range for these kits is quite large, with even some basic options being rather expensive. For example, the EPUFFER Nano E Cigarette Starter Kit will run you $59.95, for a charging pack with two batteries, five cartridges, a usb and wall outlet charger combination with power cord and an instruction manual. The Jet Black G6 Starter Kit is not much less, at $44.99 for a pack with two batteries, a usb adapter and five cartridges.

The Superior Electronic Cigarette Brands

Yet, price is not the only consideration, as some brands are better than others when it comes to delivering a superior E Cigarette smoking experience. Which companies should you turn to for your smoking needs?

V2 Cigs

First among your top choices is V2 Cigs, as they are the number one Electronic Cigarette brand in the U.S. today, with over 1 million satisfied customers and counting (according to Alexa.com). Why is this the case? Their E Cigarettes deliver flawless flavor and exceptional performance, for a truly wonderful smoke every time. They’re able to do this by keeping quality a top priority, as all of their E Cigarettes and accessories are created in house by their own engineers and put together at specially certified facilities. In addition, the cartridges are tested to ensure freshness and flavor, and all of their electrical products come with a lifetime warranty.

While it’s obvious that this brand is a winner, you may be wondering which V2 Cigs starter kit is the best? Their most affordable option is the Beginner’s Kit, at only $34.95 for everything that you need to give Electronic Cigarettes a try. The V2 Standard Kit is your next option, which comes in at $59.95 and has many upgrades such as a Smart Charger, wall adapter, 10 flavor cartridges (instead of only 6), and two batteries. For even more features, the V2 Standard Plus Kit has everything in the Standard option, plus a portable charging case. The extra freedom offered by a charging case runs $99.95, which is a good option for people who are always on the go.

However, the best value among the V2 Cigs starter kits is clearly their Ultimate Kit, as it has every available upgrade and option included – at a lower price than if you purchased these items separately. For $149.95 you’ll receive a wall adapter, Smart Charger, portable charging case XL, 3 batteries, a staggering 25 flavor cartridges (you get to choose from among V2’s 5 available flavors), a car charger, a power cig and a metal carrying case with lanyard. In addition, the price is temporarily reduced, making this E Cigarette Starter Kit by far the best choice offered by V2 Cigs at the moment.


Green Smoke

With V2 being such a good option, you may wonder what sets Green Smoke apart? This company is actually one of the biggest online Electronic Cigarette companies in the world today, with millions of sales to its name. They also have their own lab dedicated to creating better products which can deliver premium smoke volume and deep flavors. They have two proprietary technologies to make this possible – Flavor Shield™ which improves the vapor produced by their E Cigarettes and Green Seal™ which ensures a richer and fuller flavor every time.

When it comes to their E Cigarette Starter Kits, Green Smoke has many excellent choices. Their Express Kit is a good entry level package, and it includes 5 cartomizers, one rechargeable battery, a usb charger, a constant power e cigarette, a wall adapter and a carrying case. For $59.97 this is a good deal, which will get you started with Electronic Cigarettes.

However, Green Smoke’s Pro Kit is hands down their best option, being their most popular package. For only $99.97 you’ll get twice as many cartomizers (with 10 included), which is equal to roughly 300 regular cigarettes. In addition, you’ll also get 2 rechargeable batteries, a usb charger, a constant power e cigarette, a wall adapter, a car adapter and a carrying case.

South Beach Smoke

If you’re just starting out in the world of Electronic Cigarettes, then South Beach Smoke provides you with a great option. No matter which E Cigarette starter kit that you choose, you’ll benefit from South Beach Smoke’s VaporFlo™ innovation, which provides even flavor and a thick vapor. In addition, their cartridges have an atomizer built right in, so you’ll receive a new one every time – for more consistent vapor quality.

Their Deluxe Starter Kit is a good choice if you’re already sold on the idea of using Electronic Cigarettes, as it includes 10 cartridges equivalent to about 14-16 packs of traditional cigarettes. You’ll also receive one regular battery, one extra capacity battery, a premium usb charger, and a wall charger unit – all this for only $59.99 out the door.

Yet, South Beach Smoke’s Deluxe Plus Starter Kit provides even more, adding one power cig, a universal car adapter, a carrying case to the package. You can purchase this product for $89.99 at the moment, which is an excellent deal.

While these packages are good, South Beach Smoke’s best value is their Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit – which has all of the bells and whistles. What makes this the best among South Beach Smoke’s available options? You’ll get everything in the Deluxe Plus package, but in addition receive a third battery, a personal charging case, a lanyard and 10 more flavor cartridges (in your choice of flavors). Simply put, you’ll save money on the price per smoke, making this the most economical choice in the long run.
Your Choice Is Key.

After reviewing your choices above, it is clear that some brands stand apart from the rest. Whether you’re new to Electronic Cigarettes or an experienced user, these products are the superior choice. With an abundance of different starter kit options and prices to choose from, they can offer you the right package for your situation and budget. So, why not pick out the best one for your needs today, to get started smoking your new Electronic Cigarettes right away?